Claddagh was produced on a small budget, a donation for out post production of any amount would be deeply appreciated.

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CLADDAGH - the series, is the story of JAMES McGOVERN (Alan Duggan), 35, born in Northern Ireland and raised in Organized Crime. James is the very definition of "Claddagh" - LOYAL - with a reputation for being FAIR, RESPECTFUL and very DANGEROUS. Although he dutifully follows his bosses orders and doesn't hesitate to kneecap or even KILL the family rivals, he still isn't quite comfortable doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons. While on mission in Montreal to implement old Claddagh traditions in young Canadian recruits, he gets fingered for a crime- and the attention of the local authorities. Unable to finish the job, he must bolt back to Belfast, where he remains, stripped of the seniority and respect he worked his whole life to earn. Demoted to the status of petty cash collector, he is hungry for a solution to rebuild his reputation and regain respect.

Unexpectedly, a murder in Montreal turns James life upside down. Not just any murder, but the KILLING OF A PRIEST - FATHER KEARNEY - who is exposed as not only an undercover crime boss in Montreal, but also the ESTRANGED FATHER of James. With the leader gone, the next in command, James' uncle - FRANK McGOVERN (James McGowan) - Unwillingly and with a WARRANT still on his head James is ordered to return to Montreal for his Fathers funeral. If James can work around the WARRANT FOR HIS ARREST, return to Montreal and restore order and faith in the ranks, he has a shot at having his life back.

Then one thing changes everything. While James has resumed working for the Montreal Irish Mob, a series of DVD's arrive from the grave. His deceased father has an urgent message for him: He must find "them" before they find him. Secrets are revealed that force James to QUESTION his FAMILY, his FRIENDS, THE CODE, and ultimately, HIMSELF.

Was JAMES’ father a COWARD, a HERO, a ROBIN HOOD, or a TRAITOR? Who can James trust? Will he follow his uncle and take over the Irish Mob? Or will his father’s legacy -and CLADDAGH- lead him to an unknown destiny...