JAMES MCGOVERN (Alan Duggan) – Irish (MOB) Born in Northern Catholic Ireland and raised by various relatives. His mother mysteriously disappeared when he was very young. His father was forever away on I.R.A. business or in prison. Obsessed with black women and popular culture (hip-hop, reggae, R&B, rap). Believes in Family-The Cause-God... in that order.

PictureFRANK McQUIRE (James McGowan)  Irish Mob Boss, connected in the old country and the new world. No wife... no children... no roots. Gave his life to the Cause, only to see it sold out. Hardcore idealist...tries for reason but when pushed can be extremely dangerous. Uncle to James, Father Kearney’s brother.

PictureKIERAN O’MALLEY (Adam Lolacher) –  Irish Canadian (MOB) Ambitious, vicious when threatened, street visionary. Loves being an outlaw. Decisive in all things, except love. Connected to James and Frank through Old Country contacts. A born commander, flawed by his impulsiveness and explosive temper. Part of the new order.

PictureGRACE O'NEIL (Patricia McKenzie) - (DETECTIVE) Tough, ambitious, gangbuster. A cop who scares other cops. Grace has a chip on her shoulder that she takes out on criminals. Policing is her life, leading to jokes about her sexuality among other cops... never told to her face. She runs the task force on organized crime, unheard of at her age.

PictureGERRY DONNELLY (Nick Baillie) – an Irish-Canadian who knows everything about Irish history. Occasionally speaks with an Irish accent, which pisses off the boys.  Always screws things up, but then they work it out. 

Picture   FATHER  (Frank Schorpion)

PictureMicky Finn (Trevor Hayes)

PictureWARDEN ALISTER SIMMS (Richard Zeman) Canadian-British. Well manicured... well dressed... well fed... power is his drug. His mother brought him to Canada as a boy. His father, an SAS soldier stationed in Belfast, was killed in a daring attack on a British patrol. He is an Orangeman... angry and hateful.  A very dangerous enemy.

PictureJIMMY G (Donny Quinn) Represents the “new face” of organized crime. Very educated... degrees in law and accounting. Sees himself as a businessman -not a mobster. Hates violence, prefers reason and negotiation but will order action without blinking. Speaks many languages, has an international perspective. Loyal to the old Italians... but then business is business.

PictureSILENT SAL (Anthony Mancini) – No family that anyone knows about. No friends, no lovers. Hard to read... poker faced. Does he work for Uncle G, or does Uncle G work for him? Is he a boss? Quick to use violence to solve problems.  Under his calm exterior lies an explosive personality.